We believe that learning about Portland’s fascinating history and subculture shouldn’t come with a price tag.

Other Walking Tours of Portland start at $20 and will deny you a Tour if you don’t pay their set fee. They give Walking Tours of Portland for monetary reasons. Its all about money for them. Most of their guides aren’t from Portland.

Our guides, on the contrary, are from Portland. We grew up in this town. We give a FREE TOUR because we are passionate about our city’s history and culture and we want it to be accessible to everyone.

EVERY WEEK locals from Portland who are financially struggling (many of them homeless) come to our Tour, Secrets of Portlandia, and ask “How much does the tour cost?” To which we reply “Its Free, but if people like it they often like to leave a tip at the end.” The locals go on to say, “I want to come along, but I don’t have any money to leave a tip…” To which we always respond, “Don’t worry, this tour is for everyone. Please join us. We’d be really happy to have you come along.”

Come see what a difference it makes when a walking tour is given for free. We take great pride in our work and always deliver a fresh, fun tour. That’s why people love to leave a tip at the end! Because we’ve earned it!

If you are interested in Walking Tours of Portland, Oregon, please join us. For Free. Everyday at 11 AM. No reservation necessary. Just Show Up! And Look For The Tour Guide In The Neon Green Shirt.

-Secrets of Portlandia Staff

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  1. Jennifer Wood Stubbs says:

    I had zip cash the day I enjoyed your awesome tour. May I mail a check?

  2. Lindsay Siler says:

    I dropped in for a few minutes of your tour today and learned a lot of interesting tidbits I wasn’t familiar with. . .and this is coming from a local history teacher. Thanks for adding a pleasant and unexpected twist to my birthday celebrations-all I planned was lunch and a movie downtown. You made my day!

    • secretsofportlandia says:

      Awesome! So glad you ran across the tour on your birthday :-) Any jokes or tidbits of history in particular that made you smile? Feel free to come back and take the whole tour with some friends, perhaps this weekend, cause its your birthday weekend and all. What kind of history do you teach?

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