Been on the tour? Please leave a review on Trip Advisor. We are currently ranked #2 of 47 tours in Portland!

Reviews from Trip Advisor:

-A good overall look at the town

“Had not found this walking tour listed until the day we arrived in Portland. We hustled to the meeting area in hopes of finding the guide only to have him find us. While he is not a “street performer”, the concept of working for a tip sometimes worries us. We have, at times, stopped to watch a street performer put on a simple show only to have him barrage us with reminders that he works for tips – and then the “suggested amount” we are told at the end of the show is something outrageous. Our guide was not pushy at all with this. His sights he shared were interesting as were the perspectives he offered. He also did a very nice job of “sending away” one of the many homeless people who charged our group with the proposition of buying a newspaper printed to help raise money for the homeless. It could have been handled rudely but he handled it well. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and would recommend this tour to others. I’m sure others will feel as comfortable leaving as “fair” of a tip as we did.”  -gumgumgum, Pasadena Texas 

-A great tour

“While visiting Portland with my sister-in-law, I took the Secrets of Portlandia Free Walking Tour. I found it to be everything I had expected and more. In an hour and a half, we saw all the major sights in downtown Portland, learning about the history behind these sights as we went along. Erik is a friendly, amusing, and well-informed tour guide. He welcomed our questions and kept us laughing a good deal of the time. He doesn’t pressure anyone for money: you can give what you want or nothing at all! I highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Portland.”  -Mona N, San Bruno California

5 responses »

  1. Gresham, OR says:

    Very entertaining, very relaxed and informational. The tour guide has a likable personality. The pace is easy and comfortable, even for me, an old women.


  2. Diane N. says:

    Does anyone know if it’s appropriate for a 10 year old boy to come along?

    • secretsofportlandia says:

      The tours are absolutely appropriate for kids. I have kids on the tour all the time and the parents leave reviews like “the kids loved it.”

      The only “adult” topic I mention is how in the 1920s the city hired a female police officer to monitor all of the erotic dancers to make sure they didnt take off too many clothes. I used to touch on the brothels, but that material got cut from the tour 2 years ago.

  3. Duncan says:

    I am a native Portlander born and raised and can honestly say that this was one of the coolest walking city tours I have ever been on!
    Very entertaining and informative and certainly worth every penny!!!

    • secretsofportlandia says:

      so glad you liked it!!! please leave this same review on trip advisor-

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