Join us for Walking Tours of Portland, Oregon! Find out why our Free Walking Tour of Portland is so much more fun than one that costs $20 up front!

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Renegade Tour Guide in Portland, Oregon

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  1. I had one day to visit Portland on my own. This was by far the best way to experience Portland. By the end of the tour, I had made a new friend, learned a lot about Portland, and had a lot of fun. We all laughed a lot. I also felt very comfortable walking around the city after having seen so much of it in just an hour and a half. The stories were great. I never would have gotten any of that information on my own. And then after the tour, Erik helped identify other great things to do with the rest of the day. I was lucky enough to be there for the biggest brew fest of the year.

  2. jainr5 says:

    what bout your hours for July 1 and July 2? is it still one tour at day starting at 11AM?

    • Yes, it is still one tour at 11am. The 4:30 tour will start on July 3rd. We had to push the date back due to technical difficulties with our TripAdvisor account and also a delay with the printer who is doing our flyers.

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